Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number

Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number: 0843 507 6267*.

*By calling 0843 5076267 you will be routed through to the customer services. Calls to 0843 numbers typically cost between 1p and 13p per minute from landlines and between 5p and 41p per minute from mobile phone depending on your tariff. If you are unsure, please check with your provider before calling and always ask the bill payers permission before calling. The direct dial number is freely available in the public domain and Connect Caller has no affiliation with this company.

Age UK Insurance Claim Handling NumberWhen the weather conditions are un-naturally serve and storm damage wreaks havoc with your home and contents, large volumes of telephone calls are expected to the Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number and therefore your patience is appreciated. They will get to everyone.

During the Christmas recess there is a much higher anticipated volume of telephone calls to the Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number. It is their aim to answer and give priority to the most emergency related calls. In order to assist Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number in providing the best customer service it is advised that you consider the following.

How to make a claim with the Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number?

1. Try to delay the phone call if it not extremely urgent.

2. Check your insurance schedule for the most appropriate insurance underwriter. If you are not sure, then either re-check the policy document or call the Cooperative Insurance Claim Handling Number on 0843 507 6267.

3. Contact the 24 hour Contact Centre which is based in the UK. The claims telephone number may vary according to a range of circumstances.

4. Quote the policy number on your insurance schedule in the section marked making a claim.

5. The claim is registered with the Cooperative Insurance Claim Handling Number. They will issue you with a claims reference which should be used and quoted on all future correspondence.

Cooperative Insurance is very responsive to inbound telephone callers. They endeavour to answer telephone calls.

Claims time-scales.

Age UK attempt, in all cases, to answer your phone call as efficiently as they can.

  • Attempt to answer calls within 3 rings and to respond to your claim within 24 hours.
  • Endeavour to respond to all of your correspondence within five (5) working days, which excludes Saturdays and Sundays but the claim can still be made out-of-hours.
  • They will settle cheques within Twenty Four (24) hours of being in receipt of the required documentation.
  • There is a desire to ensure that all hassles and worries are taken out of your hands.

It is also possible for you to make your claim on-line at the Age UK Insurance website.

Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number will then discuss with you any excess premiums that might apply. The customer service agent will also discuss what is covered in the policy document. Also, they will highlight any items that are not covered.

When your claim has been accepted, the Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number will arrange for repairs to be carried out by independent repair specialists. Arrangements will be made to repair any of your lost or damaged items. This may also include any stolen items. Age UK Insurance may also pay you the cash value of the items that have been damaged or lost.

Opening Hours

24 hours – Monday to Sunday including Bank Holidays.

Age UK offer a 24-hour emergency domestic helpline phone number: A Local authorised tradesman will visit  your home to ensure that repairs are carried out and any items that are agreed under your policy, less any excess premiums.

Frequently Answered Questions of the Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number.

I have lost my Home Insurance policy documents. What can I do?

Do I have to pay an excess even if my valuable possessions have been stolen?

The annual cost of insurance has soared this year. Is there anything I can do to reduce that cost?

I have fitted Yale locks to all my doors. Am I entitled to a discount off my home insurance?

My neighbour’s roof tiles have fallen off and damaged my car and driveway. Is this covered under my policy or theirs?

I have some valuable items to insure on my next policy. Will they insure me?

Funniest Household Insurance Claims.

A washing machine emitting steam caused damage at the insured home. The insurance company denied the claim. The case went to court. The insured stated that steam was, in fact, H20. Case dismissed. Successful claim! (Fact: this was not Age UK Insurance).

The Age UK website can provide you with a sample home insurance policy which can be downloaded from their web-site.

The Age UK Insurance Society adheres to Data Protection Laws and can provide you with data they hold on you if you are to write to them at:

Compliance Department, The Age UK Insurance, 58 Clapham High St, London SW4 7UL.

The conditions of the policy dictate that you inform the Age UK Insurance Society of any material changes to your policy or any insurance related matters (such as fire, water damage, theft or accidents) whether or not they affect the claim.


Age UK Insurance Claim Handling Number
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