Argos Contact Phone Number

Argos Contact Phone Number: 0843 506 9041*

*Calls to 0843 numbers should cost no more than 7p per minute. Your service provider may levy a service charge. Please check with your service provider before making the call.

Argos Contact Phone Number

Argos was formed in 1973 by Richard Tompkins.

Richard Tompkins was also responsible for launching Green Shield Stamps, a way of trading without cash. He sold Argos to BAT industries in 1979 for a sum of £35m

Argos was once a member of the FTSE100. Argos parent company Home Retail Group is now in the FTSE250.

It is the largest catalogue merchant in the UK and was formerly under the ownership of Great Universal Stores (GUS) until it was sold to Home Retail Group.

By calling the Argos Contact Phone Number, you will be able to speak with one of their very friendly customer service assistants.

Where do Argos deliver?
How much do Argos charge for deliveries?
Can we specify a delivery date or time?
How soon will I get the Argos order? Call the Argos Contact Phone Number
Will we have to be in when Argos deliver?
Will we have to sign for delivery?
Do Argos comply with WEEE for the collection of old equipment when delivering a new one?
How do I find a specific product? Call the Argos Contact Phone Number
How do I buy from Argos?
What currencies do Argos trade in? Call the Argos Contact Phone Number
How can I pay Argos?
Argos, Did you get my order?
Can I add to an existing order?
How can I get more information about a product Argos sells?
How often do Argos add new products?
Will Argos have a Sale?
Products & Brands

Why don’t you offer the entire Argos product range on
How can Argos offer such well known brands at keen Euro prices?

Returns & Refunds

Can I change my mind if Im not happy?
What if the item from Argos arrives in a damaged state?
What can I do if the Argos item is faulty?
What happens if the item I ordered isnt what is delivered?

You can contact Argos by email or phone or post.

The Argos customer hotline is open 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. And although you’ll speak to our call centre in Britain, calls are charged only at local rate, wherever you call from in Spain.

Argos Contact Phone Number
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