DVLA Contact Phone Number

DVLA Contact Phone Number

The Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency: 0843 507 0808

DVLA Contact Phone Number

The information contained on this website can be found in the public domain. We are not related to the organisation which administers driver and vehicle licencing matters. The DVLA contact phone number can be found elsewhere on the internet.

This website is designed to allow people to easily access the DVLA UK telephone numbers.

This is a directory service which helps the public find useful telephone numbers and to connect these callers to the relevant department.

General Information regarding the DVLA Contact Phone Number.

The DVLA is responsible for issuing Car Tax certificates. This can be achieved at a General Post Office. The driver and vehicle licence agency also a range of activities. The DVLA remit including issuing vehicle registration number plates.

It also offers cherished numbers. This includes private plates. DVLA administers driving tests. This is also known as the DVLA Theory Test.

Vehicle licences are issued to individual members of the public. The  performs registration checking.

Various documents can be found at the official driver and vehicle licence agency website. There are various addresses in Swansea.

DVLA Contact Phone Number. Frequently Asked Questions.

Some of the more commonly asked for questions of the DVLA.

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DVLA Contact Phone Number
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