Passport Advice Line Newport

Passport Advice Line Newport.

Telephone Number 0843 507 6255

Passport Advice Line Newport


The Identity and Passport Service is coordinated by UK Government organisation. There are seven passports offices in the UK. These are based in Peterborough, London, Liverpool, Durham and serve England. Newport serves Wales. Glasgow serves Scotland and Belfast serves Northern Ireland. They undertake a range of activities associated with the issuing of passports to UK citizens.

It is strongly advised that if you need a passport you should apply for it very early as it can takes some weeks to organise.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Passport Advice Line Newport:

My Passport Application has been delayed.

Is there a Passport tracking service?

I have lost my passport. How do I re-apply for one?

How do I renew my passport?

How do I make a new passport application? Can it be done on-line?

What are the passport fees?

Is there an express Passport service?

Can the UK passport offices issue me with an Indian Passport?

What is the Passport Check & Send service?

What is a passport? And who issues it?

Do I really need a passport?

Do British Subjects have the same rights of entry to other countries as a British Citizen passport?

How long is my British passport valid for?

Will the Passport office return my old passport?

How long must my passport be valid for international travel?

I recently got married or divorced and have had a change of name. Do I need to inform the Passport Office?

I have had my Passport Stolen, do I report it to the local Police?

Do all of my children need passports?

When can I apply for a child’s passport?

How long will it take to process my passport from start to finish?

Do I have to send my old passport by recorded or special delivery at the post office?

Can I apply through my local Post Office for the Check & Send service?

Where is my local Passport Customer Service Centre for Fast Track and Premium services?

Who can countersign my passport photos?

Passports: How do I change my name and personal details?

What is my eligibility by marriage or civil partnership? Contact the Passport Advice Line Newport if you are unsure.

How Can I find a British Passport interview office?

What can I expect from an application interview? Passport Advice Line Newport.

What is the process as I am a British National (Overseas)/Expatriate and want to apply for renewal?

Renew your British passport if you registered as a British National (Overseas) before July 1997 – forms, cost, how to apply

At what age can I apply for a free passport?

Can I apply for a free passport? What are the costs and do I apply? Contact the Passport Advice Line Newport

What is the process for applying for a British Passport if I am only visiting the country?

Can I apply for a free passport if I am disabled?

Who do collective passports apply to they are for, when and how to apply? Passport Advice Line Newport

What is the process to get a collective passport altered?

How and when would I receive my emergency travel documents? Contact the Passport Advice Line Newport

How do I apply for emergency travel documents if I am living overseas and do not have  British Passport?

How do I apply for renewal passport for a child who is living overseas?

Can I turn up without an appointment at the Newport Passport Office? Contact the Passport Advice Line Newport, if you unsure

What are the fast-track fees for obtaining a passport on the same day

Who can I get to countersign my passport?

Can I email the Passport Office?

Passport Advice Line Peterborough

Passport Advice Line London

Passport Advice Line Glasgow

Passport Advice Line Durham

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