Yodel Phone Number

Yodel Phone Number

Customer Services: 0843 507 6350*

*Calls to 0843 phone numbers are NOT classified as Premium Rate and cost 7p/min plus the provider’s network access charge. Please consult your provide before making the call.

Yodel Phone Number

Yodel Phone Number. For a comprehensive list of Yodel Depot Phone Numbers – Click Here

The Yodel Courier service is the leading home delivery in the UK. Yodel couriers operate with over 5,000 delivery vans. Yodel delivers parcels for 1,500 customers. The Yodel Phone number makes it easy to find them.

You can track your parcel at my yodel.co.uk. You can reach them. You might be interested to learn how to Yodel, but this is not the page for you!

Yodel is one of the leading employers in the United Kingdom. It employs 16,000 people. Yodel jobs are a plentiful. You call their local branch you will be pleased you called. The most typical job is a Yodel self-employed driver. The Yodel delivery jobs are the most coveted in the industry.

It was formed in 2010. The Home Delivery Network purchased the domestic parcel arm of a larger company. Yodel now delivers over 135 million parcels a year and is the UK’s leading provider of parcel delivery. In August 2013 it changed its name to Yodel Home Delivery Network.

You can call your local Yodel branch using the Yodel Phone Number.

Their customer service agents are very helpful and will ensure that your parcel is in safe hands.

You can also track your parcels at my yodel. In October 2013, Yodel announced the use of a new automated delivery telephone service.

The Yodel   Phone Number covers a large number of postcodes. If they do not cover your postcode they will certainly help you to find the correct depot so that you might be able track your parcel more effectively.

Yodel have over 60 depots nationwide and cover England, Scotland and Wales.

The Yodel Phone Number is the most direct way of contacting Yodel. If you have any queries, Yodel staff will definitely be on hand to ensure you get a first rate service.

Some of the typical questions you might ask of the Yodel Phone Number.

I would like to track my Yodel parcel.

My Yodel parcel has not been collected. Call the Yodel Phone number.

When will my Yodel parcel be collected.

My Yodel parcel has arrived but I have a question about it.

Can I make a claim for my parcel from Yodel?

Do I need to retain my damaged item? Call the Yodel Phone number.

How do I apply for a refund from Yodel?

My Yodel parcel tracks as delivered but my customer has not received it. Call the Yodel Phone Number.

I will not be available at the time of collection for Yodel. What can I do?

When can I expect my parcel to be delivered by Yodel  ?

I have re-booked my collection however the courier has now arrived, how do I cancel the re-booked collection request?

Can I drop my parcel off at a Yodel  ?

I would like a quote from   Yodel Depot. Call the Yodel Phone Number.

I need to know if Yodel can carry my parcel.

I need to know about the level of compensation from Yodel cover on my parcel. Call the Yodel Phone Number.

What happens if my Yodel parcel is heavier than declared?

I do not know the weights and dimensions of my parcel. Call the Yodel Phone Number.

Can I send to a PO Box Address with Yodel?

Why does the Yodel website say my parcel is too large for standard services?


Yodel Phone Number:

0843 507 6321.

Yodel Address:

Yodel Customer Services email address and Head Office phone number can be found elsewhere on the Yodel website. Yodel Phone Number is the quickest way to get in.

Yodel London Phone Number

Yodel Phone Number
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